Campaign Leadership

The support and leadership of engaged alumni and friends is critical to the success of Brenau University. The University is grateful to these accomplished alumni and friends for their volunteer leadership for our ForeverGold campaign.


Ed L. Schrader, Ph.D.

Board of Trustees Chair

Peter D. Miller

Honorary Campaign Chairs

Mrs. Dotty Alexander, Class of 1960
Mrs. June Moore-Richards, Class of 1948
Dr. Jim Walters, Trustee

Campaign Co-Chairs
(pictured above)

Mrs. Carole Ann Carter Daniel, Class of 1968
Mr. Lawrence B. Schrage, Trustee

Campaign Volunteer Leadership Committee

Dr. Gale Johnson Allen, Class of 1991, Trustee
Mrs. Harriett Stephens Bankston, Class of 1984
Mrs. Robin Smith Dudley, Class of 1978, Trustee
Mrs. Chris Alexander Fitzgerald, Class of 1984
Mrs. Emmie Henderson Howard, Class of 2001, Trustee
Mrs. Eryn Manwaring Houck, Class of 2001
Mrs. Anna Alexander Jacobs, Class of 1986, Trustee
Mrs. Kay F. McMaster, Class of 1987
Ms. Dana Fowler Miller, Class of 1985
Ms. Danielle Di Fede Miller, Class of 2008
Ms. Margie Thrasher Richardson, Class of 1977
Ms. Gail A. Smith, Class of 1983, Trustee
Mr. Rob Fowler
Mrs. Jill Mansfield
Mr. Jim Nalley
Mr. Gary Riley, Trustee
Mr. Mike Smith, Trustee
Dr. Jim Southerland
Mrs. Shay English Stafford, Class of 1969, Trustee
Mrs. Jane Patterson Suggs, Class of 1974, Trustee
Ms. Daisy Goodnight Waldrep, Class of 1961
Rear Admiral Patty E. Wolfe, Class of 1987