Brenau University Downtown Center — $7.7 Million

The newly renovated Brenau Downtown Center is home to our new physical therapy doctoral program and is a hub of advanced technology for the university.

The Downtown Center, which was formerly the Georgia Mountains Center, comprises classrooms and clinical spaces for the PT program, as well as online classrooms and studios to enhance delivery of digital information and online classes to students in multiple locations. The technology infrastructure within the Downtown Center maximizes our hybrid delivery of graduate and undergraduate courses and helps foster our interdisciplinary approach across health sciences education.

Brenau will raise capital funds to build an anatomy lab to support all science students, including nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The lab will feature 10 examination stations furnished with the most modern equipment essential for our health care education programs.

With the addition of the Brenau community clinic inside the Downtown Center, our doctor of physical therapy students will gain hands-on experience working with patients, and the local community benefits when patients who have exhausted their medical coverage are able to receive additional therapy and improve their health outcomes.